Tissue&Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine and Perforating Machine
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Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine and Perforating Machine
Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine and Perforating Machine
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First put jumbo roll paper on transport frame(3 jumbo roll papers), transport frame has automatic upon paper device, transport device, then passed paper into the paper feed roller, there is a sheet bar device before the feed roller will flatten paper, then enter punch device, last enter guide roll device.
Machine type:
FRD-DYY 1575(Can increase the type) ;
Width of raw material paper:
≤1800mm(Can widen)
Base paper diameter: 
≤1100mm(Other sizes please specify)
Base paper paper core diameter:
Φ15-76.2mm(Other sizes please specify)
Programmable controller:
Production speed:
150-200 m/min.
Machine power:
380V, 50Hz
Diameter of finished products: 
60-150mm(tightness can be adjusted)
Perforating distance:
100-150mm (it can be adjusted)
Embossing unit(Need to be customized):
steel roller to rubber roller/paper roller/steel 
Roller(set by per customer) Remark: 
Purchased separately
Jumbo roll stand:
1-3 ply (set by per customer)
Overall size: 
Other models(Prices are negotiable)
Type Width of raw material paper
FRD-DYY 1760:
FRD-DYY 1880 ≤2000mm ≤2200mm
FRD-DYY 2100:
FRD-DYY 2400:
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