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Qinyang City Friends Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Qinyang City Friends Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in May, 1990.
We are the factory of specializing in the production paper making machinery, pulping equipment and paper processing equipment. These years we committed to the development of high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection new products, service in paper making machinery industry, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of technology enterprise.

More than 20 years, the rapid development of enterprise, Production capability and production level rises ceaselessly, cale of production expands with each passing day, Our products have passed Quality system ISO9001:2000, CE and exported more than 30 countries, such as Russia, India, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and South America etc. Our high quality and our perfect service has reserved consumer's praise and more orders.
Why do you choose us ?
(1) professional engineer team with 30 years experience;
(2) we can supply you turn-key solution without any trouble;
(3) we have strict quality control system and ensure there is no unqualified product;
(4) professional installation technician and clear technical training for your workers;
(5) strict recalling system: if any problem of machine, we will recall it and change a new one for free;
Qualification and Honor
If you have any questions about machine, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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