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The device for slurry ink particles, fillers and other fine impurities have a high removal efficiency can be widely used in various domestic waste newsprint recycled pulp, waste paper recycled pulp account books, scrap books and all kinds of recycled pulp paper office waste recycled pulp, concentrated washing and bleaching of chemical pulp bleaching before after slurry, etc..
Model Parameter:
Into pulp concentration:
Output pulp concentration:
Capacity T/D: 
15-20, 30-40, 50-60, 60-80
Into pulp mouth diameter (mm):
150, 200, 250, 300
Output pulp mouth diameter(mm): 
600×250, 700×250, 800×250, 900×250
White water output size(mm):
547, 1067, 1499, 1930
Y200L2-6/11kw, Y225M-6/22kw, Y280S-6/30kw, Y280M-6/37kw
The product is not limited to the above specifications, when the filter width 100mm for each additional specifications.
ZGX Ⅱ speed washer is the company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, research and innovation successfully developed a new type of pulp concentration and washing equipment. It has to waste paper pulp, especially high in various domestic waste paper deinking pulp washing efficiency, large capacity, low power consumption is a significant advantage, the device is a small footprint, simple operation, easy installation. Wash high degree of pulp, pulp only through a variety of equipment that is able to meet the requirements of the class pulp washing degrees, without further order of the creation of the pulp washing equipment. Is the deinking pulp manufacturers, chemical straw, wood pulp and pulp manufacturers the ideal equipment for washing concentrated.
The device for slurry ink particles, fillers and other fine impurities have a high removal efficiency can be widely used in various domestic waste newsprint recycled pulp, waste paper recycled pulp account books, scrap books and all kinds of recycled pulp paper office waste recycled pulp, concentrated washing and bleaching of chemical pulp bleaching before after slurry, etc..
Work Principle
Speed ​​through the washer and the slurry was fed to the headbox and the breast roll nip polyester mesh between the breast roll and the couch roll driven at high speed filter, filter the slurry and squeezing the breast roll at the breast roll and the combined effect of the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the slurry can be dehydrated and concentrated to a slurry with the filter reaches the couch roll, spray washing water, and by the centrifugal force is again squeezed and the screen was replaced with a couch roll washed, and then the slurry scraper scraped from the couch roll into the feed screw. Slurry breast roll extruded at high concentrations in waste water and squeeze out the replacement couch roll at low concentration waste water were discharged equipment, in order to facilitate wastewater treatment sequence. In the above process, because a thin layer of pulp between the filter and the roller, the ink particles in the slurry and thus, a filler and other fine impurities from the pulp layer is hindered by the small in the extrusion process along with the water and thus easily prolapse
The main structure
The equipment consists of breast roll, couch roll, strainer, into the slurry system, a slurry systems, drainage systems, washing systems, washing network devices, powertrain and chassis, hood and other components. Which breast roll grooved rubber rollers, can effectively prevent the slurry at high speed network roll caused by splashing. Couch rubber flat roll, complements the grooved rollers squeeze the slurry produced uneven on the couch roll through the blade, the washed slurry stripped to the feed screw, spiral polyester mesh, with both sides of the guide bar prevent the net deviation, the role of the hood is to collect moisture prolapse and high concentration and low concentration waste water separation, but also to prevent water splashing affect the work environment.
The main features
1, high efficiency impurity prolapse 
And a thin layer of polyester mesh material between the rollers, the pulp impurities in a short trip prolapse, prolapse processes are little impediment from the layer of pulp, plus the effect of the centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, the filler, ink particles tiny impurities can easily emerge, washed slurry ash removal rate of 99%.
2、High dewatering efficiency 
Pulp and higher centrifugal thin layer of impurities is not only beneficial to small prolapse, prolapse is also conducive to the water, the device has a lower density and higher into the plasma concentration of syrup, so be washed slurry dewatering rate 90% or more.
3、washed pulp high clean
Low consistency pulp slurry with a very thin layer in the chest by the squeeze rollers at high pressure centrifugal force and the role of the net and efficient dewatering; Couch entrance encountered in fresh wash water, and rely on Couch produce squeezing action of a high centrifugal slurry leaving once they get dehydrated efficient displacement washing, wash out the slurry can achieve a high degree of cleaning, can fully meet the various pulp slurry washed degree requirements. So no need to set any pulp washing equipment behind it greatly simplifies the pulping process and equipment investment costs and the pulp and power consumption.
4、Washed uniform pulp quality 
Low concentration into the slurry and the slurry system into a uniform distribution of the slurry in the slurry effects are obtained in any direction in a uniform distribution, a constant plus the dewatering process and the centrifugal force of the pressing force, and always have a uniform slurry dehydration consistent power, thus stabilizing the uniform pulp quality.
5、Small footprint, large capacity 
Dehydration power the device from the network roll extrusion pressure and centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, no other additional pressure vacuum suction, and horizontal belt washer compared to eliminating the vacuum pump, reducing power consumption, any device with vacuum washer compared to lower installation costs, and compared its effects, including washing dehydration, including both should be much better.
6、Simple operation, saving manpower 
The special structure of the device can be reduced running speed filter discount phenomenon, greatly improving the life of the filter.
7、Simple operation, saving manpower 
Let all the high degree of automation, normal operation, without human operation, with a guide of polyester mesh nets deviation obviate the danger, designed for network cantilevered structure, making the operation more simple and efficient for network, time-saving, efficient use of the equipment.
8、Environmental clean, safe 
Fully enclosed design makes the concentrated slurry discharged after washing all unified centralized internal device, and extrusion of high concentration and low concentration waste water were discharged after separate internal device, after favorable sequence of wastewater treatment. No impact on the external environment, maintaining a clean working environment, but also makes components and high-speed operation of the operator to completely cut off, eliminating the security risks.
Operation and Maintenance
1, the boot 
1.1 Check whether the destructive impurities on the net, can exclude any risk of damage to the nets constituted; 
1.2 Open the rinse water valve; 
1.3 start the main motor; 
1.4 Starting the feed screw; 
1.5 Open the water inlet valve for washing equipment for washing water; 
1.6 Open the slurry valve, start the feed pump. 
2, stop 
Closed 2.1 feed pump, close the valve into the pulp; 
2.2 No material sent to continue to operate, close the feed screw; 
2.3 Turn off the washing valve; 
2.4 continue to run to the net after-clean wash, turn off the main motor; 
3, the Changer 
3.1 Adjustment tensioning device, loosen polyester mesh; 
3.2 Tighten the bolts located on the drive side of the suspension pad to the operating side can be removed; 
3.3 Remove the pad, remove the old network; 
3.4 put on the new network, put the pad; 
3.5 Loosen the suspension bolts; 
3.6 adjusting tensioning device, the tension to the required degree of the polyester mesh. 
4 Maintenance 
4.1 regularly check the operation of the site and time filling oil; 
4.2 regularly check the net tension and timely adjustments; 
4.3 regularly check the use of nets and timely replacement; 
4.4 is not a long time, you should open the hood, polyester mesh, breast roll, couch roll and the feed screw and other kinds of contact with the slurry components thoroughly clean;
4.5 when running rinse water to keep the pressure 0.3-0.4MPa.
Into the plasma tube, Xian pulp slurry into the tube connecting the mouth must be soft joints, so that the breast roll adjustment.
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