Kraft and Corrugated Paper Making Machine
3800mm Corrugated Box Paper Machine Fluting Duplex Waste Paper Recycle Making Machine
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Description: Kraft Paper Machine is a production line that use waste books paper, wood pulp board, waste paper box, old corrugated carton, wheat straw pulp, wood etc. to produce Kraft paper, test liner paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper. Corrugated Paper Making Machine Is Mainly Used as The Package Material, High Strength, Brown Color. Full Bleached or The Half Bleached Kraf Paper Pulp Is Light Brown Color , Cream Color, or The White Color. Most Are Jumbo Rolls, Some Are Sheets. The Kraft Paper Is Generally Made Into The Cement Paper Bags, Envolope, and Cables Protective Paper. Good Quality Waste Carton Recycle Corrugated Paper Making Machine.
Technical requirement
Paper and pulp ratio
Paper type: kraft paper
Paper weight: 90-150g / m2
Proportion of pulp: determined and adjusted by the user according to
the product
Output: 200t / 24h
Design width:
Wire width (nominal): 4250mm
Paper roll width: 3860mm
Finished paper width: 3800mm
Gauge: 4900mm (subject to final design)
Various speed:
Designed speed: 400 m / min
Balance speed: 450 m / min
Transmission speed: 380 m / min
Rolling roller balancing speed: 1200m / min
Working speed: 250-380 m / min
Out of wire section: 20-22% (± 1%)
After press section: 44-46% (± 1%)
Before sizing: 92%
Paper roll machine: 92%
Arrangement of the paper machine: Stand at the roll machine and
look at the wire section, the drive is on the left (right) hand side.
Paper machine layout form: Single layer layout
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