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1092mm Cultural Paper Machine
1092mm Cultural Paper Machine
1092mm Cultural Paper Machine
1092mm Cultural Paper Machine
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Driving: AC frequency conversion, section drive Arrange forming: ground floor arrange Headbox pulping consistency: 0.5-0.9%
Technical parameters
Raw material:
Waster paper,wood pulp
Output paper:
Culture paper,printing paper
Net paper width:
Working speed:
Buying guide
To know well about your requirement and avoid misunderstanding , please check following information of  paper machine and feedback us your idea , we can make accurate quotation completely according to your requirement : 

1.What kind of material you want to use ? 

(1) waste paper mixed virgin pulp ; 

(2) wheat straw , wood , sugarcane bagasse ,wood pulp,bamboo.

2.How many tons do you want to produce per day ?(24hours) ;  

3.What kind of finished product you want ? 

4. What is the output paper width of jumbo roll?(mm):

5.What is the the output paper weight(thickness)?(mm)

Q: Why no person reply to me?
A: Our person is 24hours online. When nobody reply you , please leave your requirements on email or chat tool,we will reply you as soon as possible. 
Q: What is guarantee terms ?
A: According to the international practice, performance and mechanical guarantee shall be for 1 year from the successful commissioning or 1.5 years from the date of bill of lading.
Q:Could your engineer can teach and train our workers and stay in our factory for long time?
A:Yes, we have very large engineer installation team. They can train and teach your workers to operate paper machine, but you should pay them salary.
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